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The Chaperone

Wrestling star Paul 'Triple H' Levesque gets his first starring role with an action comedy that throws him into the ring with a bus full of moody teens. He's Ray, a getaway driver desperate to go straight for the sake of his daughter Sally (Modern Family's Ariel Winter). But after agreeing to do one last bank job, he opts instead to take Sally's class on a field trip to the Natural History museum. So when the heist goes pear-shaped, the villains come to teach Ray a different kind of lesson. Yeardley 'voice of Bart Simpson' Smith is the teacher trying to keep order as Kindergarten Cop gets a transfer to secondary school.

  • Directors: Stephen Herek
  • Starring: Paul Levesque, Yeardley Smith, Ariel Winter, Kevin Corrigan
  • Genres: Indie, Family, Action
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The Chaperone
  • Release Date 2011
  • Certificate PG

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