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Sky Go Desktop

Sky Go Desktop

Download TV programmes to watch offline by installing the free Sky Go Desktop. This software is optional, but it will help you enjoy the Sky Go experience to the full on your PC or Mac.

With Sky Go Desktop you can:

  • watch programmes offline
  • ensure top-quality viewing, even with a slow internet connection
  • buy programmes to keep
  • remote download from another computer

Install Sky Go Desktop

To install the new Sky Go Desktop you must first uninstall the Sky Player Desktop. Right click below and choose 'Remove this application'.

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You can use Sky Go Desktop on any registered computer

View and manage my registered computers

Sky Go Desktop FAQs

Uninstall the old Sky Player Software

If you currently have the Sky Player Desktop installed, then to install the new Sky Go Desktop you must first uninstall the Sky Player Desktop. Right click on the panel to the left and choose 'Remove this application...'. You will then be able to install the Sky Go Desktop.

Sky Go Desktop Explained

Sky Go Desktop Explained
  • 1. My Downloads - The main Sky Go Desktop window, with your download queue and available programmes.
  • 2. Open Website - Opens the Sky Go website in a new window, where you can select programmes to download to your computer.
  • 3. Help - Summary of the main Sky Go Desktop controls.
  • 4. Sign in - Click to sign in while online and your download queue will be checked for programmes you have chosen to download from the website.
  • 5. Programme Image - An image of the programme that is currently selected.
  • 6. Programme Details - Details of the programme currently selected.
  • 7. Play - Once programmes have been fully downloaded the Play button will appear over the programme image. Click to watch the video even if you are offline or not signed in.
  • 8. Downloading - Displays only downloads in progress, or recently completed.
  • 9. List All - Displays downloads currently in progress, as well as completed downloads that are ready to play.
  • 10. Check Queue - Manually check for any new programmes you have queued for downloading.
  • 11. Pause All Downloads - Pauses all active downloads.
  • 12. Allow Multiple Downloads - When the box is checked up to 4 downloads can be active at the same time.
  • 13. Expires - The time you have left to watch the downloaded programme before it expires. After this you can still download it again, subject to availability. Rental programmes will charge for subsequent downloads.
  • 14. Pause Download - Pauses the downloading of individual programmes. Once paused the next inactive download in your queue will start automatically.
  • 15. Start Download - Will start, or restart, the download of individual programmes.
  • 16. Delete - Removes the download from your queue and deletes the downloaded programme from your computer.
  • 17. Download Status - Shows whether the download is currently Downloading/Downloaded/Paused/Error. If the status is 'Error' you will need to delete the download from your queue and download it again from the website.
  • 18. Download Progress/Percentage Complete - Shows the percentage of the download that has completed.
  • 19. Queue Last Checked - Shows when your queue was last checked for new downloads. You need to be signed in to check for new programmes you have chosen to download from the Sky Go website.